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 Oracle Look and Feel (Skin)

Providing a Standard Look and Feel.

In your organization, you may care to impose a standard (Custom) layout, look, and feel on all of your portal pages. Although you will want to allow for variations, such as the addition of different kinds of content on different pages, you may want the overall look from page-to-page, region-to-region, portlet-to-portlet, or item-to-item to remain precisely consistent. If this is the case, consider using templates

Create a look and feel that represents your brand.

Create a look and feel that represents your brand. With So Go Survey, you get professional results.

  • Choose from several built-in color schemes
  • Automatically match colors to your website
  • Add your logo
  • Change the font

Features represents your  Company with your Modules.

Feature :

  • You Can  use Multi one skin in your  environment.
  • Supported to all Application Framework pages Oracle modules support skins
  • No issue for skin if you  upgrading or migrating your environment
  • Skin Support by  all internet browsers support skins