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GIS solutions

The geospatial division of the Swedish Technology is specialized in offering various spatial solutions and consultancy services pertaining to the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in various domains with main focus on Utilities, Facilities management, Local Government among others. Swedish Technology offers data development services including As-Builts and GIS data processing. Swedish Technology GIS department has hands-on expertise in offering geospatial consultancy services in data migration and technology migration practices across different verticals

Data Services:

High precision data is the backbone of any Geographic Information Systems given the fact that all geographic analysis rely entirely on the spatially referenced data.

Availability of such accurate data is very critical in the geospatial industry since map data service is a task that could be executed only by highly experienced data service providers. For over a decade, Swedish Technology GIS has been providing data services to clients across the globe. We have a well dedicated data development team with a successful track record in executing such projects meeting our customer’s demands. Our area of expertise in providing map data services include utility, cadastral, parcels among others


Services offered include:

Services offered include:

  • CAD conversion
  • Creation/Maintenance of Geographic database
  • Data content enrichment/ Map conflation
  • Data migration (ETL)

Data service competencies:

  • Landbase maintenance
  • ESRI Parcel Fabric – Data creation and migration services
  • Utility mapping (Electric, Telecom, Water, Gas, Sewage)

Data Services:

Software competencies:

  • Esri
  • ArcFM
  • Autodesk

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