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Audit Trail Module.

Do I need Audit Trail? :

  • Do I need Audit Trail? Date Track History gives the old and new data then do I need Audit Trail?
  • YES, Date track history will only gives updated data. If data is corrected you will not be able to retrieve old data.
  • Also if data is deleted and Purge, it will be still available in Audit Tables

What about performance? : 

What about performance? My system performance will be affected if auditing is turned on.
You can selected the Audit Trail tables.
Enabling audit for selected main table will not affect the performance. Enabling audit on processing tables like payroll tables might affect the performance.

Who? When? What? How? :

Audit Trail gives

  • Application Audit Trail gives the required information on Application updates.
  • Audit Trail gives the information as Who Updated the information?
  • When the information was updated? What is the old and new data? How data was updated

IT Audit, Internal Audit : 

Audit Trail

  • Seeded audit reports are available.
    Custom Audit Reports can be built on audit tables.
    Data Integrity Report helps in maintaining data integrity in organization.
    Audit Data retrievals is easy


Audit Trail

  • Application
  • Phones
  • Communication Delivery Methods
  • Qualifications
  • Employee Review
  • End Application
  • Human Resources

  • Enter & Maintain
  • Absence
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Special Information
  • Medical Assessments
  • Disabilities
  • Work Incidents
  • Checklists
  • Supplementary Roles
  • Previous Employment
  • School/College Attendance
  • Payroll

  • Assignment Extra Information
  • Contracts
  • Costing
  • End / reverse Employment
  • End Placement
  • Entries
  • External/Manual Payments
  • Pay Method
  • Salary
  • Enable & Implement  Oracle auditing BEFORE you need it.

    With increasing application complexity, data privacy laws, hosting, outsourcing, and the use of electronic records in litigation the need for database and application audit reports is increasing. If a client sued your company, could you give a full report listing changes to their account data

How it works? : 

Audit Trail

  • Enabling audit will create shadow tables which are exactly same as that of main tables.
  • Triggers, procedure and packages are created to populate the data. It’s clear that charters are putting pressure on catholic schools, mr…
  • Seeded report will give report in OLD Data and New Data format.
  • Audit can be disabled at any time.

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